What Are The Differences Between Homecoming Dresses And Prom Dresses?

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From a general point of view, homecoming and prom events might seem alike but the two are very different. When it comes to dressing, not many girls understand the distinctions and it is not uncommon to find them checking prom dress websites when they are actually anticipating a homecoming event and vice versa. Are you wondering if plus size short prom dresses can be worn to homecoming? To clarify this contradiction, let’s start by defining the two events.


This is an event organized by colleges and high school normally at the beginning of an academic year and goes for a whole week. The occasion involves welcoming a group of alumni who were once students of the school sometimes back. In the high school, it is a celebration of the achievements of senior high school athletes particularly the footballers.


The prom is a paramount occasion in secondary schools. It is mostly held between April and June – the late spring season. It is a very formal event and girls are expected to put on their best floor-length gowns or short dresses while boys are required to wear tuxedos or suits. Girls must wear high heels unlike in homecoming where flats are okay. Since the prom is a major highlight in one’s high school life, it is very important to plan for it in advance. Note that it can be more expensive due to the nature of the event. And since it is more important to girls than boys, we shall emphasize on how to dress for prom as a female.  

Differences in dressing

  • The style

To understand the right style for each event, it is important to put into consideration the essence of the two dances. A homecoming dance happens in the first weeks of a school year and coincides with major sports tournaments. The style for homecoming is, thus, relaxed and less formal. So, as you head to the stores, you don’t necessarily need to look at the long gown designs. For the prom, consider a gown that projects maturity as you transition from high school to senior school e.g. prom dresses with sleeves.

  • Length

Homecoming events are flocked with girls wearing all types of short dresses. There is a lot of freedom when it comes to hem length. Knee-length skirts and leggings; cocktail gowns, and tea-length dresses are allowed here. On the other hand, prom girls can have plus size short prom dresses but not bodycon designs. But a long gown is the norm here

  • Material

When it comes to prom even the material should exhibit a high degree of formality e.g. silk, charmeuse, and satin. These delicate and elegant fabrics are relatively expensive. Note that simple minimalist dress designs can appear luxurious if they are made of these formal fabrics. Gowns for homecoming may be designed with the similar materials as the prom, but the designs look more casual and playful. It is generally acceptable to put on patterned and floral designs. Prom dresses with sleeves sometimes feature sheer fabric at the arms while the rest of the areas are covered in opaque materials. Glitter prom dresses are also common, but they must be downplayed with fewer accessories.

  • Accessories

To complete your overall silhouette for the prom event, consider a professional hairstyle, sophisticated jewels, and high heels. The best jewelry for prom includes gemstones, silver, and gold. For the homecoming, you may or may not need to accessorize your silk skirt. Think about simple and less lavish. For those who prefer glitter prom dresses, it is very crucial not to go overboard with accessories lest you end up looking like you are trying hard to get attention.

Whether you are dressing for homecoming or the prom, the key is finding a gown that matches your body type and personal taste when you visit prom dress websites or local stores.

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