Types of Gold Chain Link Bracelets

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The good thing with gold chain link bracelets is they are available in a wide range of styles that can suit nearly every taste. Here are some of the most useful bracelet styles:


It is a chain that consists of circular links that interlock, and link in a flat manner closely together to create that masculine look. The curb chains are available in a wide range of widths, and they have links of a uniform size. When compared to the other styles, links are usually wider.

Concave curb links

These necklace types have a center and bracelet that is usually lower as compared to the edges to create that concave shape. There are gold concave links that come with pave etchings in similar or different kind of gold colors that run along the center to create that slight shimmer as well as a dynamic effect.


The good thing about the Figaro chain is it has been designed with a number of small round links that are interspersed with a long and oval link. This chain style has its origin in Italy. The Figaro chains are commonly used for men’s jewelries that are commonly used with the pendant. However, these thinner links are preferred for matching with the charm or pendant to create an elegant jewelry accessory for women too.


The mariner chains are always similar to the curb links, but they also resemble the chains that are attached to the anchors on boats and therefore, the name. This chain style is available in the traditional and slightly rounded edge design as well as the flat link style. These links are very popular for ID bracelets and other jewelry that has nautical theme as well as a unisex style jewelry.


The rope chains are gold strands that are intertwined, and resemble the genuine ropes. These are usually delicate versions and are quite popular for the pendant necklace and the heavier versions where the main attraction is the chain itself. These types of chains usually vary according to the weave. If the braid is tighter, the more the metal that will be that is used for increasing the size.

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