Top 6 Common Mistakes Prom Girls Often Commit

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Apart from finding a prom date, one of the biggest challenges girls face is finding the best grad prom dresses. You can be single and still attend the prom even but no way can you go naked or scantily dressed. When it comes to getting a dress, you want a fierce gown from the best designer. Thankfully, you can find cheap custom prom dresses nowadays in the online market. If you have already found one, congratulations are in order. But that’s not the end of planning for your prom. You still want to pull out the best look ever. For this matter, there are a number of factors that can enhance or taint your prom look and you must not ignore them. Find out ways you can evade grievous mistakes during prom.

  • Poor storage

You can easily ruin your cheap sequin prom dress by squeezing it at the back of your wardrobe. No matter how long you plan to store it, don’t keep it haphazardly. It can take as little as one hour for your pretty dress to get wrinkles. The best thing you can do is to hang your designer gown in a protected closet.

  • Wrong undergarments

Always avoid putting on underwear with thick seams when attending important events such as prom. They can spoil your pretty silhouette and attract unwanted attention from prying eyes. There is something we call an undies test which involves watching the seams, color, and bulk material.  

  • Improper tailoring

There are plenty of cheap long dresses near me in the online stores but they don’t always have the perfect fit. In such cases, consider paying some extra cash to have it adjusted. There are some boutiques you can get the service for free. And even if you spent some money on readjusting the dress, you have a lot to gain, as you don’t need to keep adjusting your evening wear throughout the prom night.

  • Messy straps

It is quite annoying when all you have to do is adjust the straps when you should be dancing your night away. So, you need to be sure that your straps are put right. If you must adjust them, do it before the event begins. If they keep on slipping off, consider taking the dress to a professional tailor or use safety pins.

  • Sheer materials

To avoid awkward moments on the dance floor when disco lights are lit, make sure that the dress is not sheer in advance. Have a friend to give you advice on how your evening wear looks under different lights. You don’t want anything funky on your dress to make you uncomfortable.

  • Wrong inserts

You need proper inserts for better support. Find out if the dress is sewn with all the basics intact. Some things that seem so insignificant but they can make or break your silhouette e.g. body tape and padding. Check them out as you try on the pretty prom dress to avoid the last-minute rush.

You might think that you are prepared for the prom 100% but the truth is you never know what the night has in store for you. Make sure you have an emergency kit to help you with minor mishaps.

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