Facts You Got Wrong About Plus Size Dresses

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Who said that only hourglass shaped women can feature in fashion magazines? These days we see headlines recording the number of non-hourglass plus-size models on runways and TV.  Even some of the most prominent women have fuller hips and big busts. They are beautiful and sexy. There are TV shows that celebrate a wide range of women and not just the perfectly proportional models. We don’t always have to compare women with fruits and those with a 14 size and disproportionate breasts need to be celebrated too. That’s why designers are creating more plus size dresses for all ages.

Brands are dismissing the term ‘plus-size’

Designers have treated heavy women differently for years. It is as if they are a completely new species on earth such that they are confined to particular styles. Some retailers even go to an extent of creating a set of guidelines for buying plus size evening gowns e.g. ‘avoid horizontal stripes’; ‘only try on long dresses’; and ‘never wear bright hues’. These stereotypes are so outmoded. For your information, some of the best-selling gowns are maxi dresses. We are talking of sizes beyond 4X. They are even available in bold colors and chevron stripes.

For this reason, ladies are calling it quits to ‘maxicategories of long dresses. Retailers are referring to them as size 16 and up. The traditional category seems to marginalize busty women as if they were a small group of people living outside the fashion mainstream. Did you know that the average woman is more likely to be a 14 plus than a size 2? As such, retailers are becoming smarter by ditching the ‘plus-size’. Instead, they are giving a wide array of sizes for women to choose from including plus size prom dresses. The stereotypes associated with maxi dresses are not only insulting but a thing of the past.

In spite of the ceaseless efforts to drop the ‘plus’ in plus size ball gowns, there are some archaic fallacies standing in the way. Apart from the wrong idea that big ladies should not buy bold colors, typical knowledge has led them not to buy big prints or the sexy bodycon designs. They also don’t try on the clothes especially in front of others. But these are myths which should be strongly objected.

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