Choosing a Neckline That is Suited for Your Body And Face Shape

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Every lady has a unique body shape and facial features. This is why choosing the right neckline style is one of the areas that will determine whether a garment will flatter your face and figure. When you choose the right kind of neckline, it can help accentuate your body parts that are less than perfect. However, it is important to understand the different kinds of necklines to choose one that will complement your wardrobe, body frame and lifestyle.

Whether to choose the strapless v neck party dress, a boat neck or halter neck in mermaid style, you should bear in mind that the neckline can remove pounds and create an air of sophistication or even do the exact opposite. The most difficult part in choosing necklines is that they usually come into fashion and out of fashion regularly. Let us look at the different necklines and what they mean.

The V-neck

Whether you choose the v neck party dsress, v neck sleeveless dress or even a v neck evening dress, this can be a flattering necklines for people with generous busts. This is due to the fact that people with a big bustline are always looking for ways to make their boobs appear smaller. There is nothing that does that better than a V-neck. Other options that can help you do that is the cowl neck and scoop neck. The good thing with the cowl neck is that it creates that soft draper that can reduce the bust visually as long as the drape doesn’t have a lot of fabric. The most important thing for all these necklines is that they can create and even break the distance between the chin and the boob. This means that the big bust will appear smaller but also look higher. When you wear a neckline that is high such as the round neck, this will make the bust to look as if it is sitting low as there will be no skin for breaking the distance between the chin boobs.

Another key thing about a V or a plunging neck is that it is a great choice for women who have heavier tummies or don’t have much in their natural waists. The V-neck will visually point to the waist and shoulders while drawing the eyes in & up. When the V-neck is combined with the wrap style, you will get a flattering style for the tummies and boobs.

High round neck

Instead of having the same effect on the big boobs as the V-neck, a round neck will work perfectly for the small boobs. This is because it creates the illusion that the boobs are bigger and are rounder. This is for the opposite of the reasons mentioned under the V neckline. Therefore, if you have got a small bust and your shoulders are wider, the sleeveless high necks can be a great option for you. you can consider wearing colors like sheer black or white sheath textures for party or your prom night.

Boat neck

This neckline is usually more sophisticated and sleeker as compared to its sister the round-neck. It is also a good style for people with smaller busts.

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